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Public Speaking for Geeks

Update: I used Odeo to host this podcast, and it’s stopped hosting for free! Death of podcasts it seems..

I did a lightning talk on Public Speaking for Geeks at yesterday. I had great fun delivering the talk and listening to all the others. It’s a wonderful game!

What could I do after that? Well, convert the lightning talk into a podcast!

So here’s my first podcast – Public Speaking for Geeks! In this four and half minute podcast, I talk about public speaking. Compare it to free software and share secrets of succeeding at public speaking – or in my terms sharing your ideas and sharing your knowledge!

And this one is dedicated to Atul Chitnis. For being the unstoppable army behind and inspiring me!

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Feedback, comments.. most welcome!

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  1. This was a very inspiring podcast. Nirav, can you please let me know how to make your own podcast? What software is required and hardware for recording? The music in the background is also interesting. How can one do that? Thanks for this very nice blog.

  2. Hey Sheetal,

    I used Apple’s GarageBand software to make this podcast. The background music too is some music loops that come with GarageBand.

    You can use any decent audio editing application for making a podcast – including Audacity!

    Go ahead and try it out! Let me know once your first podcast is out!


  3. Good one!
    Last part where u say ‘nothing bad can ever happen …’ was particular well crafted.
    One thing I notices that ur voice lacked level enthusiasm that a podcast needs. U need open ur voice. I am sorry i can’t explain more that this.
    Khull ke bolo!

  4. This is a brilliant little podcast, a friend of mine is having difficulties getting ready for a speech he has to make so I’ll forward him this link in hope that it might inspire him a little!

    Thank you for sharing it with us.