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Better presentations – quest continues

What follows, are pointers to must read material for anyone interested in improving their presentations!

I firmly believe slides are supplementary. Speaker is more important. Too many people make the slides more important than themselves. Even with the presentations, it’s really important to tell a story and grab the audience with what you are showing. I have done many “bullet points” presentations with stock photos for spice, but I think it needs something more than that to do good presentations. I have used various techniques to make my presentations interesting (I should put up a few online I guess!)

Merlin Mann has put up a few learnings on how he made his presentations a little better! Merlin presented about “Inbox Zero” at Google a few days ago and the talk received very good response. The article led me to Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen! It’s amazing! Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullets was what got me thinking about my presentations six years ago, and I think Garr is going to be next!

That reminds, I still have to watch Steve Jobs do the Apple Keynote and learn how he does it 😉

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