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Making a podcast is not easy

I wrote earlier about the creativity workshops that we are carrying out in Magnet. I want to share them with you all and wanted to try out podcasting rather than writing them out. I felt audio would be more effective and at the same time, will take less time to prepare!

So I started out with my audio recording program and did some test recordings. Got the microphone volume adjusted, pulled my notes from the session up and got ready for recording the session.

When I started recording, I couldn’t find ideas to speak about. I just spoke about the points I had in front of me! Now this was a surprise! I have been public speaking for years, faced large and small audiences and I don’t have any stage fear.

I believe two things contributed to this. One, there was nobody in the audience. As a speaker, I am very interactive. I invite audience to participate. I constantly observe their facial reactions and shape my talk accordingly. I think I get much of my public speaking effectiveness from my audience. They give me the power!

The second reason would be that it’s been quite some time to the first session of the creativity workshop. I have probably forgotten some of the finer points I discussed in the first session. Moreover, these sessions are heavily customized for Magnet. Making it meaningful for a larger audience requires a few changes in the script.

But I am determined to get this to you! I will adjust the content and record again. Keep watching!

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