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Did you get an email from Interpol?

I got this email from “Interpol” today! I must admit these Nigerian Scam variants never stop amusing me! It’s a good read, go ahead, prepare yourself!

And it also attached scan of Sydney Baroso’s ID:

If you haven’t seen anything like this before, there is only one advice.

Never ever fall for any email that promises you money for nothing. Even if it came from a person you know.


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  1. I was also Received this type Email from Microsoft for 5,00,000.00 Pound.
    You Right, nobody can not give free money.

    • Anyone who receives such emails, do not reply to them. They are frauds.

      The basic modus operandi is that if you send them your details, they will ask you to deposit a certain advance / security money / deposit in their bank account. Once you do that, you will never hear back from them!

      So beware!

  2. I received this mail today. For a moment, was too happy to that I may receive 150K USD. And, I had a reason for the same. I have lost huge money in Bank Of America scam few year back. So this one really touched me! Off course, I knew this will be one of those phishy mails and checked internet for the same!

  3. Hi, All..!
    I also recieved this same INTERPOl mail.
    Beware from this type of mail…
    Nirav you r right …
    these people first ask your details and then ask money and then they disappear..forever..

    I am surprised why police dont do anything in this type of scam…?