HP Lasterjet Multifunction Printer Not Detected After Upgrading to OS X Lion – solved

I upgraded to OS X Lion today. While the upgrade went smoothly I was encountered with my first problem with Lion when I connected my HP LasterJet M1136P multifunction printer via USB.

Lion told me it could not recognize the disk I’d inserted and asked me to either eject it or ignore it. I tried both options, but none helped.

After this, the printer always showed as “Offline”. I went to Print and Scan under System Preferences. Selected my printer, went to Options & Supplies. Then Driver. Tried selecting Generic PCL Driver as well as selected the same printer driver again by going to “Select Printer Software”. Both these showed the printer as “Idle”. But printing a page gave the yellow error sign on the printer icon and did not print anything.

So I checked the Apple support site as well as Googled for the problem to see if HP had released any updated drivers for Lion.

I didn’t find any driver updates, but going through forums, I found reference to “HP Setup Assistant” in one note. That led me to the solution. So here’s what I did.


  • Remove the problematic printer from the Print & Scan preferences, printers list.
  • Go to Applications – HP LaserJet Professional M1130 MFP Series folder. Or whatever is your printer name – basically, locate the printer’s folder within Applications folder on your Mac.
  • As administrator, double click and run “HP Setup Assistant”.
  • To be 100% sure, I actually ran this command from the Terminal:
    sudo /Applications/HP LaserJet Professional M1130 MFP Series/HP\ Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/MacOS/HP\ Setup\ Assistant
  • That will open the setup assistant. Follow the prompts to install the printer driver. If it warns you that a print queue of the given name already exists, and confirms whether you want to create a new queue, you can cancel it and not create a new queue.

  • Come back to Print & Scan preferences. Click the + icon to add a new printer.
  • Mac OS X Lion should now find the printer and show it under the Default printers list.
  • Click Add.
  • That’s it. You should now have the printer in “Idle” mode, ready to serve you again.
  • Take a test print and verify everything is working fine.

I haven’t tested it yet, but this should also enable the scanning functionality via HP Scan (as this is a multi function device).

Also note that these are the steps I followed. Your mileage may vary. And you may actually be able to get things going in less steps!

Interestingly, Snow Leopard (the previous version of Mac OS X) users also had issues with HP printers after they upgraded… :-0

Back to work with OS X Lion then…

Did you have a similar problem?

If you had a similar problem and this post helped you solve it, post a comment and let others know. If you had to follow another approach, please mention that as well, so that others don’t have to spend the time and energy you had to.

4 Essential Skills For Entrepreneurial Success – And How You Can Develop Them

People keep asking me about starting their own businesses. They have an idea, see its potential, but don’t know how to get started.

It takes four skills to be successful in business. Every successful entrepreneur has them, and I have personally applied them in my own businesses with great success. Nobody taught them to me when I started out 12 years ago. But I am going to show them to you. Today, I am going to reveal these four essential skills for business success. And I am even going to share practical actions you can take to master these skills.

Click on the video still below to watch the video, download the transcript and participate in the conversation!

4 essential skills for entrepreneurial success - video

4 essential skills for entrepreneurial success - video

The Daily 5

Daily ripples of excellence – over time – become a tsunami of success. The space shuttle uses more fuel during its first three minutes after liftoff than during its entire voyage around the earth.

The first step truly is always the hardest. Because you are fighting the forces of gravity of your old thinking and habits. No human being likes change. We do love predictability. So anything new scares us and sets our internal systems into varying degrees of confusion and chaos. But you can’t reach mastery unless you are always willing to take action to move things forward.

A practical tool to use is “The Daily 5″. Imagine doing five little yet important focused acts every day to get you closer to your most important goals.

(From Robin Sharma’s The Leader Who Had No Title)

Did you get an email from Interpol?

I got this email from “Interpol” today! I must admit these Nigerian Scam variants never stop amusing me! It’s a good read, go ahead, prepare yourself!

And it also attached scan of Sydney Baroso’s ID:

If you haven’t seen anything like this before, there is only one advice.

Never ever fall for any email that promises you money for nothing. Even if it came from a person you know.


My Notes from The Influencer Project – 60 Ways to Increase Your Online Influence – In 60 Minutes

Got an email this morning from HubSpot about The Influencer Project – 60 Ways to Increase Your Online Influence – In 60 Minutes. HubSpot generally comes up with good content, so I went ahead and downloaded the report.

The Influencer Project got 60 thought leaders together, gave them one minute each to speak about what you can do to increase your online influence in the next sixty days. You can download the audio recording and transcript from here, but here are my notes (and what I found most valuable).

  • People are not interested in your product / service. They are passionate about solving their problem.
  • Use targeted Facebook ads to reach your audience. You can even target people from a specific company!
  • Grow your circle. Look outside.
  • Talk to people. Social media is about interaction.
  • Give good information on how people can solve their problems.
  • Be consistent.
  • Get offline. Call and meet people in physical world!
  • Create 2 minute videos with insights / solutions. (and invite them to subscribe to your list)
  • Defy conventions.
  • Talk about people you want to influence.
  • Set up a Facebook fan page.
  • Create a video interview of yourself – either by a professional reporter or a friend.
  • Share your expertize. Share whatever you know.
  • Be clear about your online persona from the beginning.
  • Repeat your tweets / blog posts.
  • Answer people’s questions on your landing page before selling them something.
  • Use large buttons before the fold on your landing page.
  • Get out of your head and get into other people’s spaces.
  • Share about your different businesses / passions. It’s not necessary to talk only about one thing. Make more connections.
  • What are the challenges your influencers have? Provide some solution for that. And then you influence your influencers.
  • Stories – Human Psychology – Great Content
  • Product value of your content gets you attention.
  • Ask questions that start a conversation on social media
  • Follow 5/10 people that you admire over next 60 days. Comment on their blog, retweet them. Then ask them for a 15 minute interview with you.
  • And finally, the most important: Don’t just feel good about this advice, get into action!

What would you do to increase your online influence?