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Like Cards Against Humanity, but for startups, WordPress, developers and Bollywood

So what exactly is this card game?

Remember fill-in-the-blanks during school? This is the grown-up version, but with a lot of fun!

Cards Against Humanity is a party game that became popular very quickly. It is available under a Creative Commons license. But it’s NSFW!!

What if we create a “safe for work”, but still funny version covering startups, developers, WordPress, India and Bollywood??

So I tried it. Collected, edited, wrote and created a set of cards. Then tested the game with my team.

They couldn’t stop laughing.

How to download / get the game?

If you don’t have these cards, download the PDF. Get it printed on A3 sized 300gsm card sheet. Cut them to size and you’ll have 126 white cards, and 126 black cards on their back.

I got these cards.. So how to play them?

Card playing instructions at WordCamp Mumbai 2017

To start the game, get into a group. Then each player draws ten White Cards.

The most horrible person begins as the Card Czar and plays a Black Card; and reads the question or fill-in-the-blanks phrase on the Black Card out aloud.

Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing one White Card, face down, to the Card Czar. If the Black Card mentioned “Pick 2” or “Pick 3”, each player submits that many White Cards in the order the Card Czar should read them.

The Card Czar shuffles all the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect, the Card Czar should re-read (in their own style) the Black Card before presenting each answer. Everyone else should make a vivid picture in their mind of what the Card Czar is saying.

The Card Czar then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets one Awesome Point.

After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, used cards go to the bottom of the common card pile, and everyone draws back up to ten White Cards.

Advanced Rules

Refer to the CAH official rules PDF. There is detailed description of advanced rules in there.

No Offense please!

This is strictly for fun. Don’t take offense. Play it once and you’ll realize!

Credits, Legalities etc.

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