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What’s the formula for Genius?

First, what are the definitions of genius on the web?

  • someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality; “Mozart was a child genius”; “he’s smart but he’s no Einstein”
  • brilliance: unusual mental ability
  • ace: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
  • exceptional creative ability
  • flair: a natural talent; “he has a flair for mathematics”; “he has a genius for interior decorating”

And what’s the formula for genius?

According to Robin Sharma, time + focus = genius.

formula for genius

You can see the video explaining this here.

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  1. Excellent video. I really enjoyed hearing Robin Sharma. I never knew about his before. I’ll be following his blog from now on.

    In the world where everybody want’s immediate result, people just don’t understand that you need to put in the time to be really good at a particular item/task. You cannot be a great person with excellent talent overnight. A company cannot produce excellent product overnight.