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What will take you to the next level of greatness?

I am in Ahmedabad for three days, working with Ashok and the sales team here on our Q2 strategy. Found Robin Sharma’s Greatness Guide 2, and just opened a page to get the inspiration for the day!

And found something Robin calls the “Mirror Test”. Stand in front of a mirror in the morning. Ask yourself: What is it that you can do today, that will take you to the next level of greatness? Personally and professionally? Think through the action, go through it in your mind. Then go ahead and do it. Be bold.

It’s the daily small improvements you do that will get you to greatness. Discover a new level of greatness everyday, with the mirror test!

I am going to take myself to the next level of greatness by pushing through the sales game we created and inspiring the Ahmedabad team today.

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  1. Yes I do this not in front of a mirror but when I start my journey from my home to office on my bike I plan my whole day schedule and I also strictly follow it.
    It helps me a lot.

  2. It is amazing how lot of people don’t give enough *thinking* a problem, situation etc., deserves. They stop right at the first level of thinking and start performing the action immediately.

    Thinking through the action in detail and executing the action plan in mind is a powerful personal development tool. You have to visualize your success and progress.

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  3. Hahaha…

    Don’t Mind but none of he great people I heard of didn’t used to see the mirror each day.

    None of Einstien, Vivekananda or Gandhi had a mission to become great one day. They just follow their heart with passion which made them great in eyes of people.

    Its like Sehwag didn’t have a pledge to make a triple century the day when he made 309 against Pak. He just executed which he likes the most… His style to bat.

    Dont just follow each and every book you read man…


    BTW I liked the new look of your blog….

  4. @Swami: The truth is that it’s not about looking in the mirror. It’s about thinking through what you really want to do in life and doing it. Try this practice of asking yourself “What will take me to the next level of greatness today” for a week and share your experiences! That’ll be great learning for everyone.

    What say?

  5. My only suggestion is not to do this thing purposely. Just make sure you are mentally involved in the tasks.

    That would be enough. Remember, Discoveries (learning as you said) happens when incidentally when you dp something passionately. I do it everytime even when I watch a movie or reading a newspaper.

    I think you got my point!!!