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Web Worker Daily – GigaOm praises the Mobile Web Book

Aliza Sherman reviewed my Mobile Web Development book on the Web Worker Daily – a GigaOm site yesterday. One, it was good to be on GigaOm network (I am impressed with Om Malik and his ventures), and second Aliza had very positive comments for the book.

It was interesting to see her comparison of Mobile Web with the early days of Web. And how fascinating it was to learn HTML! Here’s what she says:

If I were still coding, this book would probably mean as much to me today as Teach Yourself HTML in a Week by Laura Lemay meant to me back in the 90s. Even as the person who hires the coders on development projects, it was an interesting read, particularly getting a glimpse of how far HTML has taken us and where it seems to be going.

She also says, “The gist of the book is to help you create mobile-friendly sites and mobile-ready apps.”

That’s pretty good! Thanks Aliza for your affirmation on the value of the book!

And while on the topic, I must not forget the excellent review Joe Dolson did a while ago. Joe said:

My overall reaction to this book was positive. It covers a wide variety of key issues for mobile web programming in an easily understood manner.

Mehta goes out of his way on many occasions to emphasize the serious importance of considering who (and what!) will be using your mobile web application.

Joe is a good critic, and identifies three problems with the book too. Thanks Joe for doing a thorough review!

For more reviews, checkout MyMobileWeb‘s review, Martin’s chapter by chapter overview and the reviews on Amazon.

Also the example chosen is simple but at the same time enlightening. The author has demonstrated that he has done an excellent research on open source tools and standards for mobile web development. The chapter on Mobile AJAX has been also a very good choice, as Mobile AJAX is the future. (from Morfeo / MyMobileWeb)

In this book you find the outline of the mobile web applications development world, some principles for self-study, some useful hints and examples and – last but not least – the inspiration. I would recommend this book to every developer interested in the mobile web. (from Dev::Info)

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  1. I bought the book recently and could get a running mobile site within a week. Not only did I learn the basics but also a lot of tricks. Thanks Nirav.