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I am posting after a while! Here are some updates!

  • I am back from honeymoon! Was a superb time. Snow clad mountains, roads, vehicles and hotel lobbies! Got to see it all! Pictures coming next week!
  • My Mobile Web Development book is out! I will get my copies in a couple of days, and will post some further details soon. But if you want to buy a copy, go ahead and do it! Even eBook version is available.
  • Magnet is completing a decade! We started Magnet as India’s first ezine, the first issue was out on the Valentine’s day of 1998. We will complete 10 years tomorrow! Incidentally, Sujeet is in Mumbai, and the team that worked hard in the initial days of Magnet ezine, is meeting this evening! It’ll be fun catching up with Ritesh, Murphy, Kapil and Sujeet.
  • We have also started thinking about another Mumbai Photo Marathon. If you are interested in participating or sponsoring, post a comment! More details coming soon.
  • The Leadership Workshop in Magnet is going well. I enjoyed taking yesterday’s session! And I think we are really developing some leaders here!
  • Quite a few new ventures and projects in the pipeline! I am amazed how many new things are happening around! More details when each venture materializes!

I think that’s enough for now!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Congrats and best wishes for everything..

    You wrote you’ll be getting *YOUR COPIES* of your book on Mobile Web Development soon. Are there some of those copies for grabs??

    Is their any surprise for everyone on Magnet completing its 10 years just like Google does it on April Fool’s Day.. Weren’t Magneteers planning for a Web 2.0 and new design for Magnet website?(Just asked)

    Regarding, Mumbai Photo Marathon, I’m in; but hugely depends on dates of my semester exams..

    And yes, you are also developing some leaders outside Magnet by just writing this blog..

  2. Hi Aamod,

    Haven’t thought about what am I going to do with my copies of the book yet! I am going to get 5! So that’s not too many!

    The Magnet brand is completing 10 years today, the company was started 15 months after we started the ezine!

    And yes, the new design is in the making! Need to get some free time to brainstorm on it!

    Welcome to Mumbai Photo Marathon! Will update on the dates once we have finalized!

    And hey, hope the FOSS event went well in your college. Or is it on the way?