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Team: We need to improve quality of Gujarati translations

Incorrect Translations

Incorrect Translations

Upgraded Firefox for my dad, and that led to this screen. Essentially, it says that “Your Firefox has been upgraded to the latest edition”. But the translation to Gujarati changes the meaning. If I were to translate this Gujarati back, it would read “You have been upgraded/improved to the latest edition of Firefox”. C’mon, it’s Firefox that got upgraded, not myself! 🙂

Now, it’s my team that’s done most of these translations! These were done by the same people who did initial Utkarsh localization work. I have done translations myself and I know the difficulties to get them right.

But hey, is it time we do a QA on our translations and get them more up to date? More and more Gujarati users are coming online, and we really want to make it easier for them to use the web.

What say? Kartik, Ankit, Shweta? Others?

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