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Paypal Sales + Marketing Activity Trend Spotting

I’ve been using Paypal for AppsMagnet sales for a few months now. Paypal is easy to setup and competitive. And the biggest plus is that almost every e-commerce tool has support for Paypal.

Paypal gives you comprehensive business reports – weekly sales, monthly sales, transaction history, downloadable logs etc. But I did not see any sales graph! I searched a lot, but couldn’t even find anything that gives you charts and graphs from your Paypal sales data.

On a side note, I tried Mint / Quicken / Other online finance tools. None made much sense to me as a web entrepreneur trying to track product sales and sales trends.

Google Trends matches search volume with news reports

Google Trends matches search volume with news reports

What I really want is to find out the impact of a new product launch / new tutorial video / ad / promotion on my sales. Surely, there are many tools that track this for affiliates. But what if I don’t have affiliates? What if I want to see sales number side by side my marketing activities?

May be something like Google Trends?

Have you seen something like this? How do you track your sales vs marketing activity?

If I don’t find something like this, I will have to build one!

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  1. Update: I did scratch my own itch!

    Putler shows your Paypal balance on your desktop, notifies you of balance changes, lets you set a target, shows today’s transactions and tells you how well are you doing against the target. It’s a simple and effective tool to watch your Paypal account right from your computer.

    I think it’s a nice, simple tool and gives me great insights.

    Try it now, it’s free!