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Importing Paypal transactions into Tally accounting software

We use Paypal to receive payments from customers. We maintain our financial accounts using Tally. Imagine copying over Paypal transactions into a separate accounting software – manually. You are creating all ledger accounts one by one. Ensuring spellings are correct, accounting heads are right and you are not missing any names in between. You’re numb by the time you’ve created 500th account, but still have another 500 to go. You drag yourself through the process. Over the next few days, you create sales and receipt vouchers for each sale. But hey, did you forget that the sales are in US Dollars, but income tax returns have to be filed in Indian Rupees? You now convert all amounts to suitable Rupee values. You probably use some Excel formulas to make it easier, but you still need to get those entries in Tally. Few more days of work, uh?

Urgh… It would be a nightmare to do this manually

This is the first financial year where we are submitting our returns, and I wanted to make sure everything is impeccable. My wife has extensive experience with Tally and she told me she could quickly make these entries.

I laughed, I knew it was not so easy, and that she was over optimistic!

There is no way this is done manually, I said to myself.

Lazy Programmers Automate Things

Being a lazy programmer, I wanted to automate this. Automating mundane tasks like this has numerous advantage. First, we will save a lot of data entry time (and headache). Second, we will save this time and headache every time in future we wanted to bring our accounts up to date. Third, it will avoid data entry errors. And forth, I will get to learn a bit more of Tally.

(To give you a bit of background on this, I have graduated in Commerce with Bookkeeping as my main subject, but I don’t remember any of it now. I always liked programming better! At the same time, I pity the accountants, seeing them working doubly hard just copying data from one source to another.)

It was my long time dream to import data in Tally. I was always told it’s possible to export from Tally to Excel, but not vice versa.

Time to break the myths!

Strategy 1: Import Excel Data to Tally

I looks around the web to find if someone else had similar problems and came up with some solution. And sure, I found UDI Magic by RTSLink.

RTSLink creates excellent software to import Excel to Tally, SQL Server / MySQL / DBF and virtually any database to Tally. The have a free utility called UDI Magic that allows importing Excel data to Tally.

I felt ecstatic. I found my solution so quickly! The next day, I downloaded UDI Magic and gave it a spin.

I found it worked really well. I could create ledger masters, sales transactions, stock transactions and a lot more with this software. It takes Excel data, converts it to XML and imports it to Tally using RTSLink DLL.

I decided I will convert my Paypal data to CSV. From CSV to Excel in a format UDI Magic can understand. And then to Tally.

This was a perfect solution. But had two problems.

  1. I will still need to convert Paypal data into a format UDI Magic could understand
  2. UDI Magic is a trial software. It works for 30 times / 30 days and expires.

Now I could keep installing it on different machines whenever I needed or try some other hackery to get around the expiry limitation. But I said, heck, why not be clean? Why not push my conversion system a bit further and convert to Tally XML itself?

Strategy 2: Solve the problem once and for all – Write a script to convert Paypal data (residing in MySQL) to UDI XML for Tally

I thought it would be easy. I know PHP and XML like the back of my hand. I can put together a converter in an hour.

Alas. It was not that quick. It took me 8 hours to write the converter. It still does not handle Purchases (I got tired, and did not have so many purchase transactions). But at the end of the day, I was able to import close to 600 master ledgers and about 900 vouchers in Tally in under a minute. That was sweet!

So how does this work?

Here is an overview

  1. Login to Paypal. Go to History. Download CSV reports – along with shopping cart details. If it takes too long to download full year’s transactions, download monthly batches.
  2. Download – unzip the contents to your local web server directory
  3. Create paypal_history table in your MySQL DB using paypal_history.sql file.
  4. Import Paypal transactions to this table using phpMyAdmin – Import Data.
  5. Ensure data is imported correctly. Fix problems if any.
  6. Configure database details and other configuration options in
  7. Make sure “data” folder is writeable (chmod 666)
  8. Hit the index.php via browser!
  9. Ensure generated XML files are valid. (You can open them with browser)
  10. Open Tally. Open the company you want to import to.
  11. Import Ledgers using Import Masters option under “Gateway of Tally”
  12. Verify it worked.
  13. Import transaction vouchers using “Import Vouchers” option
  14. Verify it worked!
  15. Enjoy!

Your Mileage May Vary

I wrote these scripts to solve a specific problem – import sales data from our Paypal account to Tally. Such that Tally shows all customers, their payments and products purchased. You will need to modify these scripts to suit your needs. These scripts support Web Accept Payments, Shopping Cart Payments and won’t record Refunded items. But they won’t import Purchases or simple Payments ReceivedĀ  / Sent (via Send Money tab in Paypal).

You can modify these scripts to import data from any database. If you add any features, do let me know!

Common Problems / Troubleshooting

  • Ensure the financial year is set correctly. Dates in import files must be within current financial year in Tally.
  • Make sure starting voucher number is set correctly. Vouchers won’t import otherwise.
  • If only some of the data gets imported (Tally quits importing at certain percentage), check the imported data. Find out last imported transaction. Locate it in the XML file. You have some problem with the transaction after this.
  • These scripts don’t import Purchase information yet.

Free Download

In a hurry? Download from here.


  • RTS Link website was extremely helpful. Especially their explanation of Sales vouchers XML and Receipts XML.
  • You may need a Tally expert around. My wife cleared some of my confusions about Debit and Credits šŸ˜‰

Using Paypal? You may like Putler

Do you use Paypal for your business? Then you may even like Putler – a Paypal Reporting, Monitoring and Planning tool.

Thank you, share your experiences

I hope these scripts prove useful to you. Thank you for trying them out! They saved us many days of work. If you like them, post a comment with your experience!

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  1. Hi Nirav
    this is an excelent articl.
    we have a website(not published yet)in which e can create and store inventory for liquor shop.
    I want to connect my database with Tally because many existing customer using tally to handle their account,
    I am able to export my data on periodic basis but to load them on tally we need XML tags.
    can you help me on finding the appropriates tag by which we can import our data(for voucher transfer and all).
    please give any link for reference, or is there any DTD exists for the same.

    • Hi Jainitya,

      In your case, it would be best to use Tally’s SDKs. The new versions have a solid XML / TDL based API and they do have a lot of documentation on it. Best to study details on Tally’s website and contact them for further assistance.