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How’s it like writing a book?

Do you dream of writing a book? A technical one? Three years ago, I was creating my future plan and writing 6 books was one of the top items in the list. 

Today, I have two books already in print and have learned a lot on the way. One of the lessons is to get the right publisher. I am fortunate to have Packt as the publisher of both my books – Mobile Web Development and Open Source Content Management Systems: Beginners Guide

A wannabe author will have a lot of questions. They may include:

  • How is the overall experience of writing a book?
  • During the writing process, what issues/ difficulties I may expect? And how to deal with them?
  • Does writing a book overshadow personal life?
  • I have a full time job, how do I manage my time?
  • What benefits can writing a book bring to my specialist area?

Want to hear my story? Go ahead, and read my answers to these questions! At the end, I have valuable tips from my own experiences too!

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