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Harsh Times, Real Pain – It will end, and will make us stronger

These are hard times. We have had to take some real tough decisions. Here’s something Ami shared with me. A message from Robin Sharma.

We are in some harsh times. Many of us are going through real pain.

But here’s the thing: pain isn’t bad. It just feels bad.

I’ve had some deeply painful times in my life. Yes, felt miserable as I navigated the suffering. But when it ended (and it ALWAYS does), I was left as a better man. Stronger, more creative, simpler, kinder. Better. By far.

What I’ve come to realize is that pain is a doorway. If you have the courage to just be with it versus numbing out and escaping from it, it will bring you giant gifts. It will evoke greater leadership within you. It will show you a lot more of who you are. It will deepen you. And it will remind you that life – and whatever you have in this moment – is a blessing. And a very big one indeed.

Another recommended reading – Rules for going through tough times – another Robin Sharma excerpt I posted 3.5 years ago!

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