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Gearing up for Entrepreneurship – Best Lessons

If you are coming here after my talk at Prerna – Entrepreneurship Seminar at SFIMAR today, welcome to a budding entrepreneur! What follows is a collection of my best articles on entrepreneurship from last 4 years.

My Best Blogs Posts for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Remember, there is equal risk in jobs and business

You will be concerned about four things when you consider starting on your own:

  • Entrepreneurship is too risky
  • It takes too much time
  • Business requires significant skills and confidence
  • (and best of all) Starting your own business needs lot of money

Consider that first three concerns apply to doing a job as well. As for money, it’s really about cashflows – both for individuals and businesses. If you have an urge, don’t wait, start something of your own. You can do it over weekends, you can do it on a small scale, but just do it!

And yes, you don’t need to be the poster boy of entrepreneurs, you don’t need huge successes

Most people talk about dreaming big and huge successes and the glamor around entrepreneurship. The truth is, you don’t need to be hugely successful. What matters is whether you are happier being on your own and making more than what you would have made in a job. You don’t need to grow to be the biggest company. You just need to follow your passion.

Go out, start something!

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for sharing your great thoughts for new start ups and entrepreneur. I have always found all your posts and thoughts useful. I was not aware of all your posts you have listed here. But I am really thankful to you for putting these waves of wonderful thoughts for entrepreneurs together. It helps me lot. I am sure all these things will be highly helpful to new entrepreneurs and start ups like me.

    Looking forward for the same kind of information and entrepreneurship learning in future days.