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AIR 2, Microsoft future UI and iCheckbox

Adobe AIR 2.0 Beta out – list of new features

Adobe released a beta of the next version of AIR – AIR 2. Christian Cantrell posted an exhaustive list of everything that’s new in AIR 2.0. The list is impressive, and includes some things we’ve been thinking about – audio recording, calling native apps, multi touch and many more. The number of AIR applications on my computer is rising, and looking at this list, I can tell the number is just going higher.

Are you an AIR developer? What do you like the most in that feature list?

Microsoft too can build good UI – here’s a “sixth sensy” demo

So everyone who’s worth their salt is working on gestures and eye tracking and other – more natural – ways of interacting with a computer. Two interesting videos here that demonstrate pen, audio, gesture and eye tracking input. Good show Microsoft, I say.

Craig Mundie demonstrates future UI – part 1 and part 2.

Did you fall in love with the slider toggle button on iPhone? Now you can use if in Flex

Srinivas Annam has built an iPhone style switch component for Flex – iCheckbox. Looks nice and is worth a try. I am sure users find it easier to use than a checkbox.

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