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Better Everyday – get things done, one success a day – I had many today

Where will you succeed today?

My school’s motto was “Better Everyday“. I kept screaming “Better Everyday, Better Everyday” during Friday morning school assemblies for over six years, but did not really understand what it meant.

I have been overwhelmed with work (happens every 3 months, it’s been a pattern, but more about it some other day). And while I was reflecting on this pile of work, I realized I did get at least one solid item off my list almost every day. But I was stressed as that list kept getting longer.

What if I focused on my successes, rather than failures? What if I could succeed in just one thing everyday?

I reviewed the work I did get done last week and felt very happy. That’s when I twitted:

Nothing motivates more than success. Where will you succeed today?

I wrote it, was proud and went to sleep. But when I booted up my MacBook this morning, I noticed it again.

And I stopped. Thought about where do I want to succeed today. Made a mental note of it. And began working.

This is how my day went:

  • By 10.30, I had one client happy. Work was moving slowly on that project, but today we nailed it.
  • Around 11.30, I had another client happy. Solved an annoying bug within minutes and the client said “Wahoo! That’s brilliant!”
  • One major customer called before noon, complaining about a mail server issue. I talked to my team and gave an update in an hour. By the end of our day, we had a good enough solution in place.
  • Shown stick to a project team in our standup meeting at noon. They completed pending work before signing out.
  • Worked on cleaning up some malformed XML files in afternoon. This project was facing lot of technical challenges. But I had a working prototype ready at 6.45pm when I left work.
  • And I even fixed an annoying bug in PlannerX just before I started this post.

Amazing how much happened by focusing on where I want to succeed today.

And I could say:

Satisfying day. Progress on projects. Made 5 customers happy!

Incremental improvements carried out daily can make transform your life in three months. Focusing on small successes can bring you big victories. I understand that’s what our school wanted us to learn from “Better Everyday”.

Did you get better today?

What are you going to succeed at tomorrow?

Bogged Down, Need a Break, Here’s what I am going to do this weekend

Take a Pit Stop, You Need It

Take a Pit Stop, You Need It

I am bogged down. Got hundreds of things to do. I feel caught up in responsibilities and my own expectations. I need a break. Need a pit stop!

My mind is full of pending items, guilt and worries. I keep moving from one task to another. Fixing one problem and then to another. My mind wandering around something else in between. I don’t like doing a lot of things on my list and resist them.

So here’s what I am going to do this weekend.

Go for a walk

I meet two friends every Sunday morning. We talk about life and how to go beyond our stops. This time, we will go for a walk together instead of meeting at his office. Serves two purposes for me ;-)

Do 10 Surya Namaskar & Meditate

Been a long time I did them. Doing 10 Surya Namaskars always gave me a fresh start for the day. I am going to do that this weekend. And I want to just sit quietly and observe my thoughts. Not resist them, not negate them, not worry. Just accept whatever comes to my mind! And I will finish it by pondering over what I am grateful for in my life.

Create my Project Satisfaction – Weekly Review Matrix

Ok, I coined that term! Essentially, I want to make a list of life areas (business, personal, family, society, friends, money etc) and current projects in each area. This will be the first column. Columns on right will be weeks. Every week, I will give a satisfaction rating on each project – satisfied, neutral, not satisfied. This will give me an overview of where I am!

Review my Passion List

I have a list of what I am passionate about, what I want to contribute to the world. This is another weekend to get back in touch with my passions!

Watch a movie with family

Will grab the TV remote this Saturday night and watch a movie with family. Anything works as long as we enjoy it together.

Choose 5 things from my todo list, and complete them

I will also pick 5 things from my list of pending items (related to work / business) and complete them over the weekend. Nothing satisfies me more than completing things!

Read a book

Will pick up a book I am reading and complete a chapter!

Revelation begins by getting present…

While I made this list of what I am going to do this weekend, I realized I added another list of items to my already long pending todo-list! I can see it’s my pattern to start a lot of things, go from one to another. Complete many items in between and keep feeling sad about stuff I don’t complete.

I will tell you what happens after the weekend ;-)

And by the way, how many items do you want to pick up for your weekend?

Photo courtesy: sidehike

Choosing an Open Source CMS – Book – Now Available

Choosing an Open Source CMS

Choosing an Open Source CMS

My latest book – Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner’s Guide – is now available from PactPub, Amazon and others.

I have also created a special website for the book – The website is dedicated to readers of the book. I will be writing about choosing a CMS, tips, book excerpts and useful resources there.

Did you read the book? If so, post a comment! I would love to hear your feedback!

Strange issue with site – DNS may be..

We shifted servers a few days back, but we seem to have some interesting problems. Right now, I see a two different versions of this blog in Firefox and Safari. Both point to same IP. Safari shows old version, Firefox shows new version.



Solved it!

This took much longer to figure out, but it was a very interesting catch! Here are some notes.

  • We were checking the site from same network, same internet connection, same DNS servers. Firefox and Safari on my machine showed different versions of the blog.
  • Cleared browser cache – did not work.
  • Checked DNS – no problem. Everything was pointing to the new server correctly. This ruled out the possibility of DNS cache causing the problem.
  • Removed all site content from the old server and put up a blank index page. Interestingly, that did not show up. We continued to see the site. This confirmed that it is not really a DNS cache problem.
  • Checked Apache access logs – all requests were going through the new server. But still showing different designs.
  • We started thinking where else could the cache be? Now that the problem is on the server.
  • And Eureka! WordPress Super Cache was the culprit. I did clear the cache after setting up new design – as I suspected it first – but somehow the cache was not cleared. I should have manually deleted all cache files, rather than relying on the plugin to do it.
  • Deleted all WP Super Cache files and folders and everything started working!

Thanks to everyone who helped. Sujeet reported the problem first, Akshay suggested a solution, Aamod commented on the design, Kunal reported a problem with comment posting and Alan from my systems team found the real cause. I am touched by your support.

And what more? R. Bhavesh even offered to redesign the template! Thank you!