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Who is Bhaskar Bharati?

Bhaskar bana Bharti

Bhaskar bana Bharti

If you are in India, you may have seen such hoardings around. Who is Bhaskar Bharti you may ask? And why did Bhaskar ditch so many girl friends? (and more interestingly, how did he make so many girlfriends in the first place ;-)

Bhaskar (bana) Bharti is a new comedy show on Sony TV.

The story is about a playboy, Bhaskar who has ditched a number of girls and has taken all their curses. One of his girlfriends casts magic on him and one night he transforms into a girl. To adjust his life as a girl he changes his name to Bharti and acts as Bhaskar’s cousin. Bhaskar’s friend falls in love with Bharti who is actually a boy. Will Bhaskar be able to adjust as a girl or will his truth be revealed?

Checkout Baskar Bharti on Wikipedia, and a promo video on YouTube.

Clearly, media companies are trying to innovate their marketing. Not only are they using social networking and Internet, they are also trying to create buzz this way or the other.

Did they succeed? I believe the marketing has succeeded in creating curiosity. Now let’s see what happens to the show once it goes live on Monday!

Apple’s Marketing Secrets

Marketing Apple - eBookWhat do you attribute Apple‘s success to? Steve Jobs? Usability? Cutting edge technology? Innovation? Or their extra ordinary marketing skills?

I think much of Apple’s success is because of their marketing focus. The customer experience focus comes from marketing focus.

Steve Chazin, an Apple veteran, has written an insightful eBook – Marketing Apple. The eBook uncovers the secret of marketing that Apple uses. The principles are very smart and I believe if you use them, you would be successful too!

This is a must read for anyone interested in Apple or Marketing.