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Inspiring Words of Encouragement from Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar is best known for his sales training programs and books. But I am loving this podcast of Inspiring Words of Encouragement from Zig Ziglar (iTunes).

I have listened to only 3 episodes so far, but they are full of practical wisdom and ideas you can implement right away. If you have read self-help books and heard other leaders, you will realize that not everything is new. Truth is that nobody can come up with something completely new on self-help anyway.

Here are some points that touched me.

  • On dining table, talk only positive things from the day with your family
  • Take small incremental steps regularly
  • You are always in control of your life, your attitudes and your moods
  • Smile when you meet someone, they will smile in return

If you listen to this podcast everyday, I can bet your confidence, relationships and performance will jump.

Public Speaking for Geeks

Update: I used Odeo to host this podcast, and it’s stopped hosting for free! Death of podcasts it seems..

I did a lightning talk on Public Speaking for Geeks at yesterday. I had great fun delivering the talk and listening to all the others. It’s a wonderful game!

What could I do after that? Well, convert the lightning talk into a podcast!

So here’s my first podcast – Public Speaking for Geeks! In this four and half minute podcast, I talk about public speaking. Compare it to free software and share secrets of succeeding at public speaking – or in my terms sharing your ideas and sharing your knowledge!

And this one is dedicated to Atul Chitnis. For being the unstoppable army behind and inspiring me!

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